July 15, 2018


I'm pretty sure %99 of people would love to quit their jobs and move abroad but alas, there's a thing called money and unless you win the lottery it seems pretty impossible, right?


I'm a millenial. I have been working way too long for my liking (which is only a couple years). Here are a few tips that can help you get a reasonable pay check and never have to "work" again. 


Please note, you're going to want to pick a place that has a favorable exchange rate. For example, choose Cape Town over London or Lisbon over Paris. 




1. Host Dinner Parties 

If you are a good cook and enjoy chatting with people, consider hosting dinner parties with Traveling Spoon. Traveling Spoon is an awesome company where travelers pay to eat dinner at locals homes. You can make around $70 per person who RSVP's to your dinner. If you get 5-10 people to RSVP, you're looking at roughly $350 - $700 per dinner party. Do it once a week and you're already making more than some jobs back home. You can also offer fun things like a market tour and cooking experience which you can charge even more for. In addition to making bank, you'll make new friends, explore new cultures, and perfect your culinary skills. And that's what it's all really about anyway, right? 



2. Teach Your Trade 

If you're super good at some quirky skill like glass blowing, ceramics, or making pasta from scratch - sign up to teach your trade with Airbnb Experiences. Depending on your trade, you could make $80 per person who RSVP's. Which basically mean that if you manage to book one person every week, you just made enough to cover your groceries. Obviously the more unique the trade, the more money you will make. And if you're thinking that you're not good at anything, you should probably get a hobby... (for your own sake). 



3. Rent Your Space 

Instead of renting a one bedroom or a studio, consider renting a 2 bedroom apartment. You can rent out the second bedroom as an Airbnb / HomeAway host. Obviously, you have to be careful and make sure you move into a place without a nosey landlord or crazy neighbors. Renting your space out per night makes you more profit than if you were to get a constant roommate. (And also, if they are annoying you only have to deal with them for a few days). 


Bonus Tip

If you do manage to rent out your 2nd bedroom, you can take it a step further and do "add ons" like stock the fridge with food or speciality bathroom toiletries that you up-charge your guest %10. After all, people pay for convenience! 


You can also offer breakfast or Happy Hour for a cheap yet profitable price. 


Offer to pick up your guests from the airport/train station for an added fee (but still cheaper than an Uber).


You can get super creative with this one! Think of yourself as a mini hotel. 


4. Invest Your Savings 

If you are lucky enough to have a savings account, you can invest it into an E-Trade account. Just because my money sits there, I make $150 a month. The more money you can put in, the greater the return. Please do your research here so you don't end up LOSING $150 a month. 




5. Sell Your Junk 

I've sold stuff from a dumpster before. Like no joke, I found an arm chair on the side of the road with a broken leg. I fixed it, posted it on Facebook Marketplace and made $60. Next time you see junk on the side of the street, a garage or estate sale, you might be looking at your next pay check. 



6. Guest Blog 

You've quit your job and moved countries, that's pretty impressive! You should share your adventure with people. Some sites like Matador Network, Budget Travel, Travel + Leisure (to name a few) will pay you to guest blog. It's competitive but if you have a compelling story, you have nothing to worry about. On average, make between $50-$100 a post. 



7. Become a Local Guide

Now that you've moved and are exploring your new city, use it to your advantage and become a local tour guide. You can set up your own routes and essentially be your own boss. Have a favorite spot in your new city? Become an expert on it and create a tour. Do as many tours as you want and set your own price. Make a profile on Vayable or ToursByLocals and start making around $200 per tour - depending on the length and value of it of course! 



Easy breezy right? Now we can all live happily ever after. 




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