April 20, 2017


I'm an avid traveler and been to a decent amount of places in the world. A few years ago I took an entire year off to travel to all of my bucket list destinations. I started in South Africa and ended in the Amalfi Coast. Somewhere in between I saw the Cliffs of Moher, made clogs in the Netherlands, kayaked the Algarve, rode an elephant, swam with penguins, and had a traditional English breakfast in London. 


I returned back home thinking my travel bug has been officially cured. To my surprise, the little bugger just got bigger. It only took a few weeks for me to start a brand new list and plan my next bucket list adventure. Here are just a few of the things on my list. 


Has anyone been to these places? Shoot me a message I would love to hear about your experience



1. Hike Through Son Doong Cave, Vietnam 

Discovered in 1991, this is the world's largest cave, located in Quang Binh province, Vietnam. The journey to Hang Son Doong is not for the faint-hearted. Involving two days of intense jungle trekking and river crossings to reach the entrance, nights are spent camping inside the cave and the nearby Hang En, now known to be the third largest cave in the world. Once inside hikers are expected to abseil, climb, crawl and swim through underground rivers to arrive at the end of the cave. Needless to say, it's an adventure like no other. 



2. Visit Etosha National Park in Namibia 

Etosha National Park is a protected area in northern Namibia. Lions, elephants, black rhinos and giraffes gather at waterholes such as Halali, Okondeka and the floodlit Okaukuejo. Rough roads fringe the vast white-green salt flat of the Etosha Pan, a breeding ground for flamingos. Glamp right on the game reserve and see wild animals right outside your window. 



3. See the Northern Lights From an Igloo in Finland

The Northern Lights appear in many colours although pale green and pink are the most common. The lights appear in many forms from patches or scattered clouds of light to streamers, arcs, rippling curtains or shooting rays that light up the sky with an eerie glow. And the best way to see them? From your very own glass igloo in Finland at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. Reservation for one please!



4. Chill out in Ios, Greece

Ios Greece belongs to the Cycladic islands. It is particularly famous for the wonderful beaches, the picturesque village of Chora and certainly the intense nightlife. Beach parties start in the midday and last till the early hours. Oh to feel young again... 



5. Fly a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia

Cappadoccia is known for its distinctive “fairy chimneys,” tall, cone-shaped rock formations clustered in Monks Valley, Göreme and elsewhere. Seeing it from above in a hot air balloon looks nothing less than magical! 



6. Explore the Okavango River Delta in Botswana

The Okavango Delta is a vast inland river delta in northern Botswana. I have always wanted to ride a dugout canoe past hippos, elephants and crocodiles. I mean... who wouldn't? 



7. Make a Lantern and Let it Free in Thailand

It has long been a dream of mine to go to Chiang Mai and attend a full moon party. The release of beautiful lanterns, for the festival of Yi Peng, usually occurs in November. Locals and tourists come together and line up along  the river, to release their lanterns into the sky. Talk about an Instagrammers dream! 



8. Stay at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya 

Giraffe Manor is a small hotel in Nairobi, Kenya which, together with its associated Giraffe Centre, serves as a home to a number of endangered giraffes. You can stay the night and have giraffes literally come to your window and be your dinner date! 



9. Walk Along the Sea of Stars in the Maldives

It turns out that putting a certain type of plankton under stress results in one of the most stress-relieving sights on the planet.

The tiny organisms emit light when stressed, be it by the lapping of waves, the carving action of a surf board or other, creating what looks like a network of stars. Imagine swimming with these guys on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives! 



10. Kayak El Nido, Palawan 

Palawan island in the Philippines has some of the most stunning marine wildlife, which makes kayaking in El Nido a particular highlight. With hidden lagoons and coves it's definitely a travelers dream. 



11. Walk Along the Salt Flats in Bolivia 

Ever since I saw Naughty Boy's Video, "La La La" I have wanted to go to Bolivia. Salar de Uyuni is the worlds largest salt flat. It was formed as a result of transformations between several prehistoric lakes. Now you can drive, run, walk and dance across this mirrored plane!



12. Volunteer Abroad (Anywhere) 

This is something I did a few years ago in South Africa. I would love to do it again and the destination really doesn't matter. It's one of the most special, life-changing experiences in the world. You not only get to help people in need but get to first hand interact with a different culture. Now that's REALLY Trulo.  



13. Slide Down the Sossusvlei Sand Dunes, Namibia 

These sand dunes in the Namibian desert are some of the highest in the world. They range from pink to orange because of the high concentration of iron in the sand. Imagine riding down one of these dunes? (However, climbing back up would be a whole other story...) 



14. Have a Spa Day in Budapest's Thermal Baths

Spa's are one of the best creations in the world and if I could, I would probably live in one. That is why, Budapest sounds like the best destination for some R&R. Not only is the city full of beauty and history but it's also home to some of the coolest Thermal pools in the world.



15. Have Breakfast with Elephants in Sri Lanka

One day I will book a flight to Sri Lanka just so that I can stay at the Pinnalanda hotel and have breakfast with elephants. This hotel sits next to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage and is significantly cheaper than all the surrounding more touristy hotels. A room here with a private balcony and breakfast included will run you about $50. 



16. Hike Mount Kilimanjaro

Anyone who knows me will be surprised to see this on my list. I'm terrified of everything and I'm definitly not the most athletic person in the world... which is exactly WHY I want to do it. It would mark a personal accomplishment alongside seeing the world from a whole new perspective - literally - Kilimanjaro being one of the world’s greatest natural wonders: a snow covered mountain on the equator, an ocean of green forest surrounded by dry savannah. I just have to start training... Who's in? 




And much much more... What's on your bucket list share it HERE for a chance to be featured! 




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