April 29, 2018



I did something I never imagined I could do. I quit a steady job, let go of my dream apartment, sold my car, cancelled my gym membership and said farewell to everyone and everything I knew. I am not one to make rash decisions. I am far from a dare devil. I hate the unknown and the concept of starting over is more terrifying than being a passenger on Malaysia Airlines. But when I looked at my life and thought about my regrets, not traveling was at the top of the list.


I can make a million excuses but at the end of the day, playing with elephants in Africa when I am in the nursing home is far from ideal. So, I decided if I don’t quit my job to travel now, then when?


Obviously, money makes the world go round and without it, my trip would have probably only gotten me as far as my neighbor’s house. In order for me to avoid full panic mode, I would need to save a solid six months’ worth of travel funds. This seemed impossible considering I worked an average paying job with above average working hours. I did what I had to do. I got creative.



Here are 10 simple ways that I saved money:

#1: The Fiscal Cleanse

I carefully planned out my grocery list for the week, did my shopping on Sunday and made sure to not spend a single penny Monday through Friday. This keeps you from spending money on non-essentials like that vending machine candy bar at work or that Travelzoo deal for Dining in the Dark.

#2: Pay in Cash

Budget the amount of money you want to spend that week. Take it out in cash and stash away your credit cards. Can you go the whole week without busting them out?

#3: BYOB

Sneak a beer in your purse next time you hit the bars. Order a free glass of water. Go to the bathroom. Pour out the water and fill the glass with beer. Voila! No one even knows you saved eight bucks, you little sneaker!

#4: Do Your Nails at Walgreens

… or your local pharmacy/drug store. Embarrassing? Probably. But who cares? Really.

#5: Save Every. Single. Penny.

Literally. It’s easy to dismiss pocket change but guess what? Those little shiny coins can add up to your next foreign meal. Especially, if you are traveling somewhere where the exchange rate is in your favor. 

#6: Sell It or Rent It

Chances are you have clothes, books, movies, or random gadgets lying around the house that you never use but that other people would pay good money for. Don’t feel like selling your car? Rent it out. Turo is like Airbnb and can be a gold mine.

#7: Miles, Miles, Miles!

Open a Frequent Flyer credit card. British Airways gave me a free round trip international flight by just signing up. My flight across the world to Africa ended up costing … drum roll please … $5. Make sure to choose a card that doesn’t have foreign transaction fees and then every dollar spent also gets you hotel points plus Avios. Cha-ching!

#8: Research

Try to plan your escape around countries that have good exchange rates (e.g. avoid the UK, Switzerland and Norway, to name a few).

#9: Cancel Everything

Once you’re ready to jump ship, don’t forget to cancel your internet, Netflix, that rarely used gym membership, any app subscriptions and be sure to change your cell phone and insurance plans to avoid racking up bills when you are not there to use their services.

#10: Use Trulo

A lot of users offer a free couch or room to crash in. Obviously, don't be rude and be sure to repay your host with something sweet like cooking them dinner or gifting them a bottle of wine. Not only will you get to crash somewhere but you could also make a new friend and live like a local. WIN WIN! You can join the tribe HERE.


Quitting your job to travel doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. Just be responsible. Think ahead. Keep your eyes open and jump. As long as you remembered the safety rope, you will land on your feet

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